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Universal Camera Off-Set Plate

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Univeral video camera stabilizer off-set plate
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  1. The Off-set can be rotated in any direction to help find the exact center of gravity.
  2. DSLR users will want the mounting holes to face the back of the camera due to the heavy lenses.
  3. Leaving the mounting bolts slightly loose while adjusting the camera's position allows you to gently push the camera from side to side.

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Note: This item is not needed for the MiniDV Stabilizer Pro V2 or Specter Stabilizer.

Made of high strength ABS plastic the Universal Off-Set plate will give you up to 2-1/2" of additional travel in any direction. Great for that extra large lens, unbalanced camera, and DSLR's. Compatible with any video camera stabilizer using 1/4" #20 threads.

Product Specs

  • Material - High Strength ABS Plastic
  • Travel - 2 1/2" in any direction
  • Mounting Threads - 1/4" #20


  1. Find the approximate center of gravity of your camera by balancing it on your finger.
  2. Place the threaded hole on the bottom of the Off-set plate where your finger is located.
  3. Find the inset hole closest to your camera's mounting threads.  It is ok to rotate the Off-set plate around its threaded hole if necessary.
  4. Attach the Off-set in the selected hole using the mounting screw supplied with the off-set plate, keeping the threaded hole as close to the center of gravity as possible.
  5. Attach the Off-set/Camera to the MiniDV Stabilizer using the bolt supplied with the Stabilizer and the threaded hole located on the bottom of the Off-set.
  6. Adjust the camera position and weighting to achieve proper balance.