Low Budget 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

Perfect for your DIY Project!

Low Budget 3-Axis Video Camera Stabilizer Gimbal 3-axis CNC gimbal cutout of ABS sheet plastic

Two piece CNC design offers a low price without sacrificing precision.

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The heart and soul of a floating camera stabilizer. One of the hardest parts to build and the most difficult to find. Without it the stabilizer is just a stick. Featuring a two piece CNC design to offer you a low price without sacrificing precision. The gimbal ring includes clamp in nylon bushings while giving you the ability to drop in high precision bearings if you so choose.

  • CNC Machined
  • Fully Assembled
  • Professionally calibrated (Please note: disassembly may result in recalibration being required)
  • 5/16" inner bearing diameter
  • Made in USA

Example Camera Stabilizer using the low budget 3-axis cnc gimbal

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